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Keep That Windshield Clear

Having a crystal clear windshield is vital to being safe on the road. If it's full of cracks, your vision will get distorted, and that's not okay when you need to see clearly in order to drive efficiently. Getting cracks is avoidable if you notice you have a chip in your windshield and you get it fixed promptly. If you get a rock chip, you just need to get it repaired right away. The longer you leave it to fester, the more likely it is that you will get cracks...

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How Do you Measure When You Need New Tires?

A lot of people believe that as long as their tires still have some tread on them that the tires are fine, but this is not the case. Even if your vehicle's tires still have tread, they may not be safe for driving. If the tread on your vehicle’s tires is low, then you won't have the traction necessary, especially in wet and slippery conditions, to control your vehicle safely. To determine if your tires need to get replaced, you can use the penny test. Insert a penny with the head of the penny facing down into…

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My Brakes Work, Why Do I Need An Adjustment Right Now?

In a braking emergency, you want your brakes to perform exactly as designed by the manufacturer. There are different types of brake systems, and you know from your auto manufacturer's handbook exactly what kind of brakes you have. In an emergency, you know how a hard stop will affect your car's stopping. You never look for this to happen, but you need to be ready when and if it occurs.

However, when this happens, it will only happen right if your brakes are maintained properly. Over time, brakes produce wear, and they need to be adjusted by a…
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Some Reasons That Could Cause Your Check Engine Light To Turn On

Unfortunately car parts get old and tend to need to be replaced. The most important things to take care of are your brakes, tires, and battery. Most of these have lights on your dashboard to let you know that something is wrong. Here are some that could cause your check engine light to pop on.

One of the possibilities that your check engine light is on could be because of your catalytic converter. If it's damaged, move onto your mass airflow sensor to see if that's broken too. If you get your catalytic converter fixed but not your…
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Pumpkin Spice or Your Ram Truck?

You have probably seen the pumpkin spice craze popping up everywhere.
Does this signal that the Spice Girls are getting back together? Have you ever wondered if Ram guts look like pumpkin guts?
Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. But during Halloween, driving your Ram truck might be a good idea. You can use the RamBox cargo management system to store and transport all your candy.
You also have LED lighting in the truck bed. You can use the center high-mounted stoplamp camera to keep an eye out for witches, ghosts and goblins. The top-tier Ram truck has a…
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Consider the Ram 1500

When our customers started coming in and demanding to test drive the new Ram 1500, we knew it was a good truck. We had to look closer though, even though the video shows a lot of the great features you can expect. And whether you want to drive it to work or just have fun in this new vehicle, you're going to enjoy it.

Firstly, you can select the type of balance between speed, energy conservation, and power that you want. You could opt for the V8 HEMI and have the power you've been wanting. Or perhaps you…
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Being a RAM Owner Brings Drivers Closer to Their Family and Friends

Many of my customers that own RAM trucks talk about the unique experience of owning the truck. They say it makes them that “go to” person for the people they care about. It puts them right in the middle of important events all the time, like moving relatives to new houses or kids to college. They also help out when family members need renovations done, or they drive their trucks for road trips, outdoor excursions and take them to events like tailgating.
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America's Got Talent & the Ram 1500 Truck

How many nations can say that they invented the Ram 1500 Truck? Only one, the good ol' U S of A. America's got so much talent that it has created an incredible line of great handling trucks, called Ram.

Ram takes truck ownership to the next level. The talented engineers of Ram have allowed you to have as much control over the suspension of your truck as you would have in a video game. The "Off Road" mode allows you to raise or lower the chassis to your exact specifications. What do you want to do? Where do you…
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