Top 5 Ways the Wrangler Beats the Bronco

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Top 5 Ways the Wrangler Beats the Bronco

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As soon as the Ford Bronco was announced, the first thing people wanted to do was compare this new addition to the off-roading SUV segment to the Jeep Wrangler. We, for one, think that this comparison is pretty unfair to the Bronco, especially when the Jeep Wrangler is still the best off-roading vehicle in the automotive world. That is why we want to spend some time in explaining why the Ford Bronco needs to find other competition because it won’t be beating out the Wrangler anytime soon. The Wrangler is simply better in every single way imaginable. Down below we’ll be explaining some of the top five ways that the Wrangler reminds you that it’s the superior vehicle on the market. The Bronco never stood a chance.


The very first thing we want to mention that the Jeep Wrangler dominates the Bronco with is the heritage of the vehicles. The Jeep brand has been in control for almost eighty years, which means that’s a long time to have a loyal customer base, and people that understand just why Jeeps are the best around. Meanwhile, the Bronco hasn’t been made for about 27 years, and while the Bronco still has a decent group of fans, it’s hard to convince people that this is a vehicle that will be sticking around. If you tell anyone that the Wrangler is going anywhere, they’ll just simply laugh in your face.


We touched on it briefly in the paragraph above, but what we really want to get across to everyone is that Jeep has had a great following. The Wrangler community is large, with over six million CJ and Wrangler models having been sold since the production of these vehicles first began. That makes it the most recognized vehicle on the market today. This type of enthusiasm has created groups, clubs, and annual events all around the world. Let’s just say, we find it hard to believe that the Bronco could ever keep up with this kind enjoyment.

Front Axle

All of the most experienced off-roaders understand that the solid front axle design is the preferred axle, compared to the independent front suspension. These solid front axles are simpler, inexpensive to modify, more rugged, durable, easier to repair, offer more articulation, and can even give you a more stable ground clearance. As you can tell, the Bronco is already at a large disadvantage with the independent front suspension.


While the Bronco tries hard to sell you that it can get you open-air freedom, the truth is, that is just a lie. The Bronco’s windshield cannot be lowered, unlike the Jeep Wrangler where the fold-down windshield has been a part of the decision for years now. Only one of these SUVs gives you the open-air freedom that you deserve, and it isn’t the Bronco.


We couldn’t discuss the Wrangler and its superiority without going over the fact that you can add an available 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 engine to this SUV. The Bronco doesn’t feature a single diesel option, and certainly not one that can get you up to 442 pound-feet of torque. Let’s just say, power comes in spades with the Wrangler, and is a little harder to locate with the Ford Bronco.

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As you can tell by now, the Jeep Wrangler is just the better SUV. While the Bronco is newer, that doesn’t mean that it can at all compete with everything that the Wrangler has to offer, even in terms of just community and meeting new people. We hope you’ll consider stopping by our dealership to see the Wrangler inventory that we have available for you to choose from!
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