Safe Driving Tips for Teens

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Safe Driving Tips for Teens

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Learning to drive and getting a driver’s license is an exciting time in a teen’s life. For a long time, teens have watched Mom and Dad drive them back and forth, just itching at the chance to take the car out for a spin themselves so they can go anywhere they want. When that 16th birthday arrives, driving is the first item on any teen’s list, no matter the day, time, or intense planning involved. Teens want the independence felt when they get behind the wheel of a car. The problem is too often, when teens get their license; they will drive recklessly. We here at Kahlo Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM have compiled some tips that you and your teen can follow as they venture out on the road.

No texting and driving

Unfortunately, smartphones are a huge distraction for teen drivers, and it’s important to teach your teen that texting and driving don’t mix. While your teen driver might think they can multitask behind the wheel, it’s never a good idea. Getting into an accident can happen in a matter of seconds, and in the seconds they think it takes them to shoot out a quick text or make a phone call may be the seconds that they cause a wreck. You might want to think about taking their phone away or having them turn it off before they sit behind the wheel.

Don’t put cruise control on

While cruise control can be a great feature when traveling down the highway, the cruise control needs to be immediately turned off if it starts to rain or snow. Roads become slippery when they are wet, and if your teen flips on cruise control, it will end up being another way for your wheels to slip, and they might lose control of the car. Ensure that your teen is completely focused on getting a feel for the car, especially when traveling in bad or inclement weather.

Leave the radio controls alone

Everyone loves music, but they must know that they don’t need to focus on constantly having their favorite music blaring through the speakers and instead concentrate on the road and the traffic in front of them. Ensure that your teen keeps their hand on the wheel and their eyes and ears focused on their surroundings as that should always be the main focus every time they step behind the wheel. If they insist on having music while they’re driving, perhaps it’s best if they make a playlist that will shuffle so they can keep their eyes on the road.

Follow speed limit signs

This is especially important if your teen tends to have a lead foot. There is no reason why your teen should be ignoring speed limit signs as speeding causes accidents and can put them and everyone in the car in danger. Also, not following the speed limit can lead to your teen getting many speeding tickets, which can put a dent in their wallet and yours. Teaching your child to follow the speed limit and every road sign is a good way to ensure that they will be very cautious drivers through their teen years and beyond.

Have them drive by themselves first

One of the main reasons teens want to get their driver’s license so badly is they want to drive around with their friends. While the thought of this is enjoyable, it’s also important that your teen understands that having too many people in the car with them can lead to distracted driving, which can lead to a safety issue. Ensure that your teen gets the hang of driving alone before they add other people into the mix. This way, they will be comfortable with their processes and good habits even when other riders are involved.

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