Road Trip Packing Hacks

Road Trip Packing Hacks that Will Save You Space in the Car and Time Packing

Summer is the perfect time to plan a road trip with your family. However, once you get everyone in the car, you quickly realize that their “stuff” is going to take up way too much room. But who wants to spend hours packing and re-packing?

  • Rather than packing multiple pill bottles in your bag, grab a pill organizer from the dollar store and fill each compartment up with different types of medication or vitamins. Then use a sticker to label each type of medication on top of the pill organizer. Now you can toss this in your bag and you’ll be covered with any type of medication that you may need while you travel.
  • Use contact cases for more than just your contacts! These handy little containers are easy to pack, are inexpensive, and can hold more items then just your much needed contacts. Small jewelry like earrings are the perfect size for contact cases and is a great jewelry case alternative. Also, you can pour in your liquid makeup like foundation and concealer into the contact case, and now you don’t have to carry the entire bottle while you travel.
  • Re-purpose a sunglasses case to hold your power cords for all of your electronics or to hold your makeup like lipstick and mascara.
  • Always roll your clothes. Skip the folding when it comes to your carry on and roll your clothes instead. You’ll be able to fit more clothes into your bag and can roll smaller clothes into heavier clothes like jeans and pants.
  • Put a dryer sheet into your bag before you travel. This will keep everything inside the bag smelling fresh, and when you put your dirty laundry back in the suitcase, your clean clothes will still smell great.
  • Pack a bag or pillow case for dirty laundry. So when you get home, you can quickly sort everyone’s clothes and only need to wash the clothes that are dirty.
  • If you are staying in hotel or resort, call ahead to see which amenities you can rent or will already be in your room. This way you won’t have to pack those items. Same goes for toiletries- skip packing the soap, lotion, and shampoo.
  • Use your shoes to pack valuables or bottles of perfume. This way they stay safe and won’t break. Plus it takes up less space.