Summer Maintenance for your Jeep

Summer Maintenance for your Jeep

Summer Maintenance for your Jeep

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Now that summer is here, you need to make sure that your Jeep vehicle is ready for everything that summer could bring. We are here to give you the maintenance tips you need to keep your Jeep running, even with the heat bearing down on you. Now is the time where you want to be driving around more than usual. You want to be going on road trips, especially ones that end up with you at the beach. But, how can you do that if your Jeep is not summer-ready? At Kahlo CDJR, we have a service center that is sure to have all of the maintenance options and help that you can possibly need. Our certified technicians can get your Jeep ready in no time at all. Keep reading down below as we give you some helpful tips!

Keep fluids at right levels:

The first thing we want to focus on today is making sure that all of the fluids in your vehicle are at the appropriate level. This is a quick and easy way to make sure that everything in your vehicle is running as smoothly as it can be. Many of these coolants serve as coolants that help to carry away heat from the most critical components. When the fluid levels are below the norm, this can create heat and even increase the possibility of overheating. No one wants to deal with that happening, especially if you are on your way to a vacation destination.

Keep engine cool:

This is along the same vein as keeping the fluid levels at the right level, but since it’s your engine, it deserves some extra attention. The cooling system that works with the engine should be flushed periodically, and if you have not done so, per your owner’s manual, then it might be time to do it now. Inbetween those flushes, you should be checking to make sure that the coolant is filled, and if absolutely necessary, you can do a combination of half water, and half coolant.

Check air conditioning:

We’ve talked plenty about keeping your vehicle cool, but we can’t forget about you! Has your air conditioning been giving you problems? Have you noticed that it isn’t blowing cool air? Now is the time to make sure that everything is running as it should, and we highly recommend getting your air conditioner checked by one of the certified technicians at our service center. They can determine the problem, and even give you the necessary fix.

Properly inflate tires:

The last thing we are going to mention is to give your tires a quick check. Not only should they be properly inflated, but you should be making sure that the treads are not too worn out. No one should be driving around with bad tires, or tires that are not inflated the way they should be. If you are unsure about anything, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us.

Service With us at Kahlo CDJR

Now that we’ve given you the helpful tips, it’s time to schedule an appointment! We will make sure that any and all of your concerns are addressed so you can actually enjoy your summer. Whether it’s the tires, or fluid levels, we are here to help.