Top Jeep Cherokee Mopar Accessories

Top Jeep Cherokee Mopar Accessories

Top Jeep Cherokee Mopar Accessories

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Owning a Jeep is about much more than what you get when you drive off of a lot. These vehicles enable you to continue to add in changes and change-up different aspects to make sure that it really suits you. That’s why, today, we want to discuss some of the top Mopar accessories that you can include with your 2020 Cherokee. These different accessories make sure that you are getting a vehicle that might be better suited for outdoor adventuring, or are just better in terms of keeping everything clean and organized. There is no wrong way to equip your Cherokee, which is why we hope you’ll check out the available accessories down below! Jeep makes sure that when you drive your Cherokee, you’ll be nothing but pleased with what you bought.

Interior Accessories

The first grouping of accessories that we are going to be going over for the Cherokee are some of the interior accessories. These different options can help with cargo, or just overall comfort. We know you want the option to choose between many different storage capabilities, and these interior accessories make that quick and easy for you. There’s even a pet kennel which will help whenever you have your best furry friend around!
  • Cargo Tote
  • Pet Kennel
  • Cargo Net
  • Katzkin Leather
  • Premium Carpet Floor Mats
  • All-Weather Floor Mats
  • Molded Cargo Tray
  • Carpet Cargo Mat
Interior Accessories

Exterior Accessories

As soon as you have the cargo and interior accessories all picked out, you might be wondering about what you can change for the exterior of your Cherokee. Luckily, Jeep has given you a wide range of accessories to choose from which will give you the exact look you’ve had in mind for your SUV. Whether it’s splash guards, or different air deflectors, there are a lot of choices you can make here.
  • Side Window Air Deflectors
  • Protection Film
  • Vehicle Cover
  • 17-inch wheel
  • Valve Stem Caps
  • Hood Graphic
  • Door Sill Guards
  • Center Caps
  • Splash Guards
  • Wheel Locks
Exterior Accessories

Cargo Hauling Accessories

Most people who buy Jeeps do so because these are vehicles that can handle more than just the pavement. While that can work for many people, anyone with an adventurous spirit who likes to hit the trail on the weekends will want something with more flexibility than that. The accessories we’re going over now not only give you more cargo space, but can really support your outdoor hobbies, no matter what they are! You can even get a bump to the towing capabilities with these add-ons!
  • Bike Carrier
  • Roof-Mount Cargo Basket
  • Canoe Carrier
  • Cargo Box
  • Surf Board Carrier
  • Hitch Ball
  • Roof Rack Crossbars
  • Water Sports Carrier
  • Ball Mount Adapter
  • Ski and Snowboard Carrier
Cargo Hauling Accessories

Off Road Accessories

The final group of accessories we want to go over are ones that can help make your off-roading experience a little bit better. Whether it’s giving you a tent that can make camping easier, or something like a spare tire kit, you will be well-taken care of, no matter where you are headed this weekend. Jeep and Mopar have your back.
  • Spare Tire Kit
  • Roadside Safety Kit
  • 10×10 Tent with 7×6 Screen Room
  • Rock Rails
  • Jeep Trail Rated Winch Accessory Kit
Off Road Accessories

Cherokee Accessories at Kahlo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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